Designed to make you feel comfortable in any situation anywhere, Whice will help keep you clean and refreshed. To be used on hands, body and face.

Package designed so you can use it anywhere, desk at work, car, gym bag, dressing rooms, and more. Also, with a portable presentation that you can take anywhere. The best solution in cleanness for an active men.

Whice cleans and refreshes your skin, also, besides protecting it because it contains Aloe Vera, it is hypoallergenic and dermatological tried. Designed to eliminate unwanted smells and sweat that the body accumulates in the toughest days. Alcohol and Paraben free.

Whice wet wipes are made of soft and resistant cloth, not tissue. They are not easily broken. Also, they have the appropriate size to be used anywhere at any time.

Whice for men
Whice for men